Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Using Twitter as an Educator

Twitter is such an awesome resource!  I have found so many people to follow, and these people have become resources for me.  Some even from other countries.  My list of following and followers continues to grow each day.  I have found so many resources through contacts on Twitter.  Recently, I found the Free Technology for Teachers blog from a twitter post, which seems to be a great resource.  The blog seems to showcase each month’s most popular resources.  I found this Dr. Seuss Glogster that will help students explore the author Dr. Seuss through a post on twitter.  Also, recently following markbarnes19 and ShellTerrell has given me some resources through Twitter.  Through ShellTerrell  I found some great action research that could be helpful for an upcoming research paper I have to write.  It's exciting!  Every person has become a resource, and someone that will respond if I have a question. Every time I log-on I find something I’m interested in or find a new resource. It’s exciting to find so many resources with the click of a button.  There are several advantages to using Twitter.  It is very easy to use, completely free, and can help a teacher find resources with the click of a button.  Also, I feel like I could use Twitter in my classroom for conducting polls, connecting with others, and so many other things.  I connected with a high school teacher that posed questions to be answered via a posted link on Twitter.  Her students will get a variety of answers and viewpoints because the teacher shared the link on Twitter.  In addition, I feel like once I get in the classroom the possibilities will be endless and more ideas will come to mind.  One disadvantage for me is that I tend to get distracted and need to limit my time on Twitter.  But the benefits definitely outweigh the downfalls for me.  Feel free to check out my Twitter page!  And check out Twitter, you will reap the benefits of amazing resources and connections!

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