Sunday, March 6, 2011


EduTeacher is a great website for searching to find new resources.  I found three great resources that I think will be useful to me in the future. 

The first resource I found is Professor Garfield.  This is a site for students.  There are several interactive games that involve math and reading.  This would be a great site for students to practice skills they have been learning in the classroom.  One game called  Reading Ring works with sequencing events while reading a cartoon.  I can see students really enjoying this game and learning comprehension and sequencing.  Another game I thought would be useful is called Comics Lab.  It lets students create their own cartoons online or allows students to print out templates to make 3-panel or 6-panel cartoons.  There are other informational lessons that can help students create a comic that is organized and makes sense.  Creating a cartoon does require a student to register with the site, but it is completely free to use and explore.   There are several other games on the site as well.  The site is very appealing to children, and I think it would be a great reward for students in the classroom.   

The next resource I thought would be useful is ToonBooks.  This is a resource for teachers and students.  It is website that contains several cartoon books that are interactive and read aloud the story to the student.  I think this would be great to reinforce reading skills for students K-2 especially students who are ESL.  Also, there are several lessons for teachers that give tips on incorporating cartoon books into their classroom.  ToonBooks even has a place for teachers to gain resources on how to create a ToonTheatre where students can perform a reading a one of the ToonBooks.  I think this a great resource for teachers,  and one I will use in the future.  I think it would a great way to introduce cartoons as a genre of literature. 

The next resource I found from EduTeacher is  This website has several resources such as templates, lesson plans, printables, and creation tools to create your own worksheets for several different subjects.  If you scroll down the bottom of the page, there are useful links to the lesson plans on different subjects such as Fractions.  One math worksheet I thought would be helpful is Runaway Math Puzzles.  The puzzles are organized into grades, and teachers can even create their own Runaway Math Puzzles for students.    There are several literature units organized by grade that could be helpful. There are so many resources in one spot at, which makes it very convenient for teachers.  I plan using this website to find activities, worksheets, and to create individualized lessons.  Lastly, it is free and very easy to navigate.

Another quick resource I found is the Zac Browser.  It is web browser that was created specifically for autistic children.   Click here to see an informational video about Zac Browser.  I think this could be a helpful resource for teachers working with students who are autistic.  This resource could save time and help students navigate the Internet in a safer, more efficient manner.

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