Saturday, March 5, 2011

Podcast Reflection #8: Moving at the Speed of Creativity

I listened to Podcast371: Cartooning around in Language Arts.  Wesley Fryer, the author of the podcast,  records a presentation by Malia Triggs at the 2011 Mississippi Educational Computing Association annual conference.  Malia discusses using GoAnimate with students.  Also, there is  GoAnimate4Schools for educators with resources for lessons using GoAnimate.  These are both FREE resources.  Malia discussed how she likes that she can monitor her students online as they make the animations.  Also, she discussed how she makes students create a storyboard before letting them online to GoAnimate.  I think this is a great idea.  In addition, this demo video explains more about GoAnimate.  This is a resource that incorporates students thinking about setting, plot, author's purpose, and several other elements of language arts.  Malia shared two GoAnimates her students created, which are on Wesley Fryers show notes.  Click here to check them out.  Malia talked about how she sets limits with her students and teaches them about what is appropriate online and what is not.  I think GoAnimate sounds like a great way to engage students in learning.  I watched the two GoAnimate videos made by Malia's students.  You can see the organization skills and language arts skills used in creating a video.  The students sound like they are having a lot of fun with the project and are collaborating with other students as well.  Malia also mentioned her students normally take about 15 minutes to create a GoAnimate video.  Overall, I enjoyed this podcast because I think GoAnimate is a great resource for teachers and students.   I definitely plan on using GoAnimate in my classroom to spark student creativity and engage students in higher level thinking and planning!

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