Friday, March 4, 2011

Podcast Reflection #7: Tech Chick Tips

I listened to Tech Chick Tips podcast on Sparking Creativity.  They discuss several resources for educators.  The Tech Chicks start out talking about The Steller Cafe blog where Peter Reynolds wrote about being inspired by his 4th grade teacher.  A great story about the power of words to change writing and how they can inspire others when shared.  Another resource they discuss is icivics, which is a site that is for both students and teachers.  They have really interactive games that bring democracy and government alive for students.  Also, the games are connected to students' lives.  I explored one game that the player had to decide whether a band t-shirt was protected under the 1st amendment.  It asks several questions and asks the student to actively listen while both cases are presented.  I think students will really enjoy games like this when studying civics.  There are many resources for teachers on icivics as well.  You can search your state's curriculum and find lesson plans, which align with state standards.  Justice O' Conner helped create the icivics website and is very passionate about getting young people engaged in civics.  This website impresses me.  Another resource I think could be useful is Quizlet.  It is a resource for creating flashcards.  There is a demo video that explains how one teacher uses Quizlet and the benefits.  You can see her students are not only learning but having fun!  Overall, I enjoyed this podcast by the Tech Chicks and plan to listen to more pod-casts by them.

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