Friday, March 4, 2011

Podcast Reflection #6: Classroom 2.0 Live

I watched the Classroom 2.0 Live podcast/video on LiveBinders.  It introduced me to several resources through LiveBinders.  LiveBinders is basically a three ring binder online.  Click here to watch a informational video to learn more about it.  Several different educators and parents talked during the video and showcased their LiveBinders.  There were several I found helpful and interesting. Steven Anderson gave an overview of Twitter and talked about how he uses LiveBinders to share information with his colleagues.  Click here to see  his Twitter LiveBinder.  The next guest speaker showcased her LiveBinders on Amazing Animals and easy Classroom Printables.  She discussed how she loved sharing resources with her colleagues and how LiveBinders is an easy, quick, organized way to do so.  The next presenter was a parent that showed her son's LiveBinder he completed for a book report.  You can see this tool would be great for students to work with and is an easy way for students to organize information for projects.  Another guest speaker talked about using the LiveBinder as an open forum to learn about social justice.  Click here to see this LiveBinder.  I think LiveBinder sounds like a great way to share, present, and organize information online.  It's super easy to share because the LiveBinder is just one URL that connects to several different pages.  I plan on using it in my future classroom for sure.

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