Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Podcast Reflection #4: Driving Questions in Education 2011

In this podcast from Driving Questions in Education 2011 titled Kimberly Wright, Kevin Honeycutt talked to Kimberly Wright, a fourth grade Science and Technology teacher.  Kimberly discussed her interest and experience with technology.  I related to her because she had experience with PowerPoint, and she described herself as a non-techie.  She discussed her views on testing and making things fun in the classroom.  She stated she thinks technology bridges the gap with her kids.   Kimberly discussed how she never feels alone and feels she has so many people resources to go to for support and questions.  I feel very empowered by Kimberly’s statement, and I feel like technology is really connecting people.  Teaching has become such a collaborative effort especially with the use of technology such as Twitter and Skype.  Kimberly discussed connecting with teachers in other countries.  The thought of connecting with other teachers through technology really gets me excited to get in the field and use these technologies in the classroom.  The learning of the students will surely be enhanced with technology.  Also, Kimberly and Kevin discussed using Plurk to connect with other teachers.  I wasn't sure about it, but an article Plurk vs. Twitter described it as a online "community-building" tool.

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