Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Podcast Reflection #3: Speaking of History...

I listened the podcast Speaking of History by Eric Langhorst.  He spoke of his time at Mount Vernon during a conference this summer.  He was very passionate as he spoke about the history of Mount Vernon and how it made him feel.  He wanted to remember how it felt to be there, so he could share these vivid memories with his students.  Also, he could even let his students listen to his podcast so they could hear him describe the place.  Eric just kept saying how amazing the views at Mount Vernon were and how they were protected by the historical foundation.  I think Eric’s podcast could really resonate with his students on how important history is to our American culture past and present.  Eric seemed to be really getting connected with where George Washington was from and how he must have thought the world and the land.  It seems the better familiar teachers are with their subject matter; the better they will be at teaching it.  Eric’s podcast made me want to learn more about Mount Vernon and where George Washington lived.  I think podcasts are just amazing because you can learn so much in so little time.  Overall, I enjoyed Eric’s podcast about his experience at Mount Vernon, and it gave me a lot of ideas on how to make history come alive.  For example, students could research different president’s birth places online and try to imagine how it might have been in the past.  The internet makes so many things possibilities when teaching about history and any subject really.

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