Monday, February 7, 2011

Fun with Text

There are many ways in which I would use Wordle and Tagexdo.  First of all, I would use Wordle as a way for students to practice their spelling words.  It would provide a fun and interesting way for students to practice spelling and looking at their words.  Also, I would use Wordle to type in lesson/unit vocabulary words.  It would provide an interesting way to look at the words and get students excited for the lesson.  Another way I could use Wordle in the classroom is to have students use the tool to create posters for other students.  The students could list positive compliments about each other to help promote positive self esteem and connectedness in the classroom.  

            Tagexdo is another great tool I plan on using in my future classroom.  I would have the students use tagexdo to create interesting projects and displays for the classroom.  Also, I would have my students create projects using Tagexdo to portray facts about different historical periods or events, science facts, math facts, and vocabulary words.  It could also be used as a neat way to display students’ writing projects.  Tagexdo provides so many options and the possibilities are really endless with a student’s imagination.  In addition, both of these tools could be used as a reward when students earn computer time after their work is done. 

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