Friday, April 8, 2011

Podcast, Website & Blog Mid-term Critiques

(Part 1-Website/Blog)There are two podcasts I listened to done by my DED318 classmates. Also, I explored their growing websites.  The first was Ms. Wheeler's Classroom website.  Her site was made on iWeb and is very appealing to the eye.   She even included a guestbook on her website, which I thought was a very creative idea.  I would like to add one to my website to monitor who is visiting my site.  The podcast I explored on her site is called  Ms. Wheeler's Group Podcast. 

(Part 2-Podcast)  They first resource discussed is the Magic Tree House website, which includes information about the books, games, and even resources for parents and teachers.  The site seems very interactive, and kids can even preview each Magic Tree House book right from the website. 

Another site, they talked about was For the Love of Learning Blog.  This is blog written by Joe Bower.  He discusses several interesting topics and considers himself to be a progressive thinker and educator.  The group discussed a couple other resources, but I found these to be the most interesting and helpful.

(Part 1-Website/Blog)  Secondly, I explored the podcast and website of Samantha White.  Her site was made on Weebly and is very creative.  I can definitely tell her concentration is in History.  The site is very well made.  Her site made me want to spruce my website up a bit. I would like to mine to be more eye-appealing.  I explored her podcast which helped me discover many resources for Social Studies teachers.  I will only dicuss a few.  (Part 2-Podcast)  The first resource she talked about was  She discussed how she has used the site before and how it was helpful to her in high school.  There are many resources and links on the site including timelines, Indian Ocean history, and even film resources, showing what films cover what history time period.  Beware though, some of the links on the site do not work. 

Another resource she discussed was CNN Student News website.  She discussed how students could listen to a current events discussion and then even take a quiz on it.  This could be great for helping keep high school students updated and  interested in current U.S. and world news.  The news video is geared towards high school students and helps students understand the news.  They even do a high school shout-out and shouted out to a high school in Cheney, KS today. 

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