Friday, April 8, 2011

Comics in the Classroom

ToonDoo is a great tool used for creating cartoons.  I believe the tool can be used both by teachers and students.  Teachers could use the tool to create an interesting lead-in to a lesson, or as a way to present information in a fun and interesting way.  For students, I think it would be an excellent way to present information they have been learning in almost any subject.  Also, students could learn about the creation of comics and more about comics as a genre of literature.  The tool is fairly easy to use and figure out.  As a teacher, I would definitely do a demonstration before I let my student loose on the tool.  In addition, I would make my students have an layout or outline of how their cartoon will look before I let the students get on the website.  The site could be used as a reward for students as well.  I created my own ToonDoo introducing the concept of sight words and to explain why they are important.  Overall, I think this is an excellent tool, and a resource I plan on using in my future classroom.

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  1. What a find! Thanks for sharing Sherri. I think you are right about the multiple uses. I will have to check it out. If you want to come teach some 4th graders how to use it, we would be happy to have you.