Monday, April 11, 2011

Podcast Reflection #9: Learning in Hand

I listened to the podcast Learning in Hand.  The podcast I listened to was titled Ipods #07: iQuiz.    In this podcast,it discussed how to use iQuiz, which is a app for 5th generation or newer iPods.   The podcast discussed how educators can use this tool to create quizzes for their students.  The cost of the app is only 99 cents and can be synced to mutiple iPods through one computer.  Students can also sync iQuiz to their own iPod, but once they sync with their home computer iQuiz will be erased, which is important to remember.  The podcast discussed other resources that can be used in conjunction with iQuiz to make it more applicable for educators.  Using iQuizmaker as an educator is one way to create new quizzes for students to take.  iQuizmaker is completely free.  Students will get immediate feedback on these devices, and educators will get statistics back on each student and their performance. This pdf explains iQuizmaker more in depth.  An additional resource discussed in the podcast to be used with iQuiz is iQuizshare, where people share previously published quizzes they have used for different subjects. However,  iQuizshare seems a bit disorganized and doesn't allow the user to search through the iQuizzes.  I don't think I would use it.  A resource similar to iQuizshare is iQuizr.  This website allows educators to search, create, and share iQuizzes all in one spot.  It seems to be very convenient, easy to navigate, and more geared toward educators. 

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