Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Semester Favorites

I have found several tools throughout the semester that I have found will be very useful for my future career as a teacher. First of all, I think Prezi is a great tool for educators to use to make presentations more interesting and appealing to the eye.  I like the way you can add videos, add text, and then make the trail for the presentation.  I also love that you can create a Prezi presentation with others each using their own computer.  I think this will be very useful in the classroom to have students work in groups.  I even shared this tool with a former high school teachers of mine, and she seemed very excited.  Also, I used it to create a presentation for one my Art for Elementary Teachers class, and it is just so easy to use!

Secondly, I think Twitter is a very useful tool for educators to connect with one another and a great resource for finding education resources.   I found so many resources for educators and found so many other educators to connect with.  It is just amazing how many resources are out there.  I think I will definitely keep my account on Twitter and use it in the future.  It seems to be almost like a support system if you have a question about a technology resource or need some more information about something you can just put out a question.  I have even used it to communicate with some of my classmates when I had a question about an assignment.  I think the possibilities are endless with Twitter.

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