Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Podcast Favorites

I think my favorite podcast was the Moving at the Speed of Creativity podcasts by Wesley Fryer.  They were just so full of interesting information over different conferences he attended.  They gave more than just his perspective on the topic, tool, or issue.  I also liked that he provided show notes to each of his podcast.  I am a very visual learner so having the show notes helped me explore each podcast more in depth.  Also, his voice was very easy to listen to and understand.  Some of the other podcasts were low quality sound and made it hard to concentrate on what the person was saying.  Overall, I will continue to listen to the podcasts in my free time to learn more about current education resources, topics, and issues.  I think they are useful, and I love learning about new resources and listening to the current debate over education issues in the United States. 

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