Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My WOW Moment

I will be honest.  At the beginning of this class, I was skeptical about the use of technology in classrooms, and I felt like it was more of a time-waster than something that could enhance instruction.  My attitudes towards technology in the classroom has totally switched.  I realized how students need technology in the classroom and in instruction because technology is their world.  Students today are going to need technology in their future, and we need to teach them using these kind of tools.  I realized their are so many education resources out there as well.  It's so exciting to know that I will have the resources I've learned about in this class as a future educator.  Technology has broadened my thinking about education and how it should be.  I think my WOW moment would be when I looked at the stats of my blog and realized that I had people from ten different countries that have read it.  That stat alone was amazing!  I was so excited and feel like technology can connect me to so many other educators across the world.  Also, there are so many tools and resources that will help me teach my future students about concepts that may have been hard to understand or difficult to explain.  Technology also gives a teacher so many ways to assess students by using online rubrics, project-based learning, and so many other ways.  In addition, my concentration is in Special Education.  Technology can help me as an educator differentiate instruction and accommodate students with disabilities.  I know I will use technology in my future classroom, and I am excited to use it in my future classroom.

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